Hydrating Lactic Facial 

Lactic acid is an antiwrinkle and pigmentation-fighting ingredient found  in our professional-grade skin care products.

Derived from milk, lactic acid belongs to a class of anti-aging ingredients called alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). Other examples of AHAs include glycolic acid and citric acid.

What is Lactic Acid?

Do lactic acid peels work?

Lactic acid exfoliates dead skin, causing the skin to replace itself with newly rejuvenated skin, This helps to increase collagen production, which smooths fine lines and minimizes pore size for more youthful-looking skin

How often should you do a lactic acid peel?

1 treatment a week for 6-8 weeks will usually give you optimal results. Again, these results will depend on your skin, the frequency of the peel, and how well you take care of your skin post-peel. Because lactic acid peels are hydrating, they can be safely used once per week.

How long does it take for a lactic acid peel to work?

two to 10 days

However, it all depends on the strength of the peel—it could take your skin between two to 10 days to recover.

Is lactic acid good for blackheads?

You can use chemicals to dissolve the upper layer of dead skin cells. So things like glycolic acid, salicylic acid or chemical peels AHAs (alpha-hydroxy-acids) are really good for treating blackheads, so they are basically your glycolic acids and your lactic acids.

Does lactic acid help with acne?

chemical peels containing lactic acid are beneficial for aiding in the control of pimples and acne, decreasing the appearance of pores and smoothing out rough skin. People have even report improved skin texture with acne scarring

How much does it cost you?

At Advanced Skin Clinic You Only Pay $90 Per Treatment